Cold Hate of Prison

Cold hate of prison
pierce my being
freeze my body
hard shank of pain

Alone in a sea of bodies
dazed in shame
My soul is hiding
from the shank of blame

How can I change inside
locked inside this prison
Inside is the only side
that can be free

I’ve always feared what’s right
that thin shank of light
the shank of light
that never shines on me

Yet I yearn for the light
I yearn through the night
I yearn and know
I have yearned before

I reach for the light
I want to feel right
I reach I yearn
and I hurt more and more

Alone in my prison bed
alive in a sea of dead
twisted knot
of past and future dread

Small shank of hope inside
a light that never dies
Pierce the dread
until my time to die

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