Dreaded Jew

Now is time to forgive myself for all the evil I have seen
and all the hurt I have carried in my mind —

I am the dreaded Jew
Free my being of me

Jah-a’leh l’sholom
Ascend to full peace
I and I
Jah Selah Ras
Ohmein v’ohmein

I am the dreaded Jew being born
Cut from the source ….. and told to carry it in an enclave of people in exile
Commanded to do right and remember wrong
Taught to fear the heavenly firmament
Beseeching the merciful god to show his greatness by vanquishing our enemies

Z’chor es Amolek
Remember the Amalychites
Brand the hurt on your heart
Dream of Zion
And praise a God that is bigger than me
Borichu Adonai ha’m’vorach
Bless my lord the blessor

Omein v’omein
Jah Sela


Comes now the scared little Jew ever fearful of being wrong
Lonely little jackal hiding in goodness … Finding right in the wrong in others
Cunning predator feeding on drama bleeding from the blind righteous wrong of

I am the dreaded Jew seeking refuge among you
Wandering to find homes among strangers
Yearning for the peace of knowing I belong
Dreaming of what I was before there was me

I and I and I and I
Jah Elohim Chai Jah Rastafari
Comes now the dreaded Jew who was taught to pray to an External Will to restore an ancient temple wherein His aura once descended.
chanting an ancient chant
Gevalt gevalt gevalt
Must I ever seek Must I ever seek

Selah Selah JahSelah

I am the dreaded Jew drawn to truth
desperation blinds me
I long for rest
Feed me feed me
Nothing is enough
Why must I cling
Jah Sela Omein

Stillness and peace

I am the dreaded Jew dreaming of Zion
where once descended the mist of the essence of what I am when there is no me

God is bigger than me
I dreamed me big as I could …
But god is still bigger

I yearn now for the fullness of rest
where there is nothing more I must do for me
Just I and I and I and I
Jah Selah Omein
Selassi I

I am the dreaded Jew awakening from the dream that Zion is outside my soul

Oveenu Malkenu chonenu v’anenu
Our father our king
We turn our back on truth and the hurt of others

Adonoi … Adonoi El rachum v’chanun
zochrenu l’sholom
May we abide beyond time in peace
Zion is my soul
I and I and I
Blessed with peace
Jah Rastafari

Jah grant peace among you
sovereigns of peace
sovereigns of lands lit by the source
Bless me now in peace

For I am the dreaded Jew laying down the burden given me at birth
as I was cut from the source and told to carry it

Jah Ras
Omein Selah

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