Death To Ascension


Comes now the tired old Jew still clinging to a vision of me
Go easy old Jew and be

Ovenyu malkenu, chonenu v’anenu ki ain bonu ma’asim
My father our sovereign I obdurately persist in sin … … knowingly
I feel the pain of the wrong I have done
now ride that pain to peace

Comes now the Dreaded Jew exhausted
but still too scared to release his dreams

Rest … rest from all you’ve done
your spirit carried you here as it carries you now
Be at peace
Feel the joy of the good in your life
ride that joy to peace

‘im’yirtzah ha’Shem ‘im’yirtzah ha’Shem

I&I yearn for the peace that transcends all names

I am full
Now rest free

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