Research On Needle Exchange Programs — Wasted Money

We have wasted a lot of money conducting science-based research to see if it’s a good idea for health-care workers to be able to give clean needles to people who inject drugs. The US Department of Health and Human Services opened the money spigot to the research industrial complex by prohibiting the use of federal funds for syringe exchange programs until there was sufficient research to determine if such programs were effective and safe.

Did we really need a lot of expensive research to see if intravenous drug users use clean needles when they are available? Intravenous drug users are a lot like us. They want to protect themselves from harm. They use clean needles whenever possible. Clean needles don’t carry infection.

And we really didn’t need a lot of expensive research to see if clean needles recruit drug addicts? Of course some druggies may choose to snort or smoke rather than use a dirty needle. But, in the context of all the societal problems driving our children to drugs, its just plain ridiculous to think that the presence of a clean needle is a major factor leading to the unnecessary pain of drug addiction.

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