?> About Frank Miller | Born Again Stoner

I was born a jaundiced Jew
the year the Nazi death camps shut down.
My family was safe
in the fullness of post war America.
Many of the other children of my childhood
felt safe and whole. I did not.
I was burdened by hidden truth.

I want to free my spirit from the weight of me.

I am a healer. I find freedom in letting go of me
to see through the eyes of others. Joining them
as they face scary truths and find the courage to heal.
Blending my pain. Finding safety in loving others.

I earned my living as a psychologist.
The formal studies that led to my doctorate
and licensure did not enrich me. Did not touch
the hurt inside. Did not lighten the shame of my pain.
do not guide me in guiding others.

The graceful truths of Buddhist teachers touch and guide me

Acceptance Courage Truth Serenity
Transcend the shame of pain
No need to hide
Worthy of love

Born Again Stoner
I&I Dreaded Jew

Love the children born on the battlefields of our war against drugs.
Free them from prison. Liberate Our Spirit.